Security Master

Managed Reference Data

Centralized “golden copy” security master reference databases fuel front, middle and back office processes and applications such as risk, analytics, portfolio modelling and compliance. In addition to market data, Harmonic understands the unique reference data challenges faced by asset managers as they invest in alternative asset classes; hedge funds, private equity funds and other private placement vehicles. These non-standard asset classes come with unique and complex terms and conditions, multiple price sources, price types, price quality and intensive documentation.

Harmonic Fund Repository

Harmonic’s FM3 Security Master Reference Data module seamlessly integrates complex alternative investments into a robust framework that ensures data accuracy, completeness and timeliness across operations, portfolio management, investment execution, risk management and compliance.  Using HFR, FM3’s powerful document extraction application, our team of dedicated private fund analysts tag, capture, load and validate fund terms and conditions.  Market data from any source including internal and external third party data vendors can be automatically loaded to the FM3 Market Data module.

Outsourced Fund Reference Data and Pricing

Harmonic provides the FM3 Security Master Reference Data module to asset managers along with comprehensive data services including data acquisition, validation, maintenance and delivery.  The service is offered either as part of a full fund administration engagement or separately as an outsourced managed data solution customized to your requirements.

True Multi-Asset Class Reference Data Solution

  • Comprehensive financial instrument coverage
  • Full traditional and alternative asset classes
  • Maximum transparency and cost savings through a fully hosted service
  • ISO compliant data model developed with ISO 20022 SEG Committee members
  • Structured fund data and documents support direct regulatory and compliance reporting including Form PF
  • Integration with risk, analytics and reporting systems