Fund Administration, Loan Administration, Technology

Independent Fund Administration

Harmonic offers a comprehensive range of fund administration services for alternative investment managers. Additionally, we offer hybrid solutions that typically involve some combination of technology, custom development, and services based on FM3, our asset management platform. Our experiential expertise and collaborative culture work to the benefit of managers and investors and help clients achieve an institutional-grade operating construct and best practice standards. In-house development capability allows us to respond rapidly to new business initiatives, market, and regulatory changes.

Private Credit Loan Administration

The rapid growth of our private credit clients has placed an increased burden on internal resources and has magnified the importance of robust loan and financing administration. Characteristics such as flexibility and customization that make private credit assets attractive to issuers and investors also make the asset class challenging to service. We began providing loan services in 2007 when non-traditional lending was in its infancy. Today, private credit is an ever more significant, and growing part of the global finance complex. Armed with specialized expertise and experience, we provide integrated loan administration services and technology to support clients engaged in non-traditional lending and private financing. Our objective is a seamless relationship between lenders and borrowers built upon operational excellence, reliable data and reporting, and our in-house technology platform.

Operations Outsourcing

Harmonic’s operations outsourcing allows managers to reduce costs, mitigate burdens associated with internal infrastructure, or enhance an existing implementation. We offer full middle and back office services in addition to trade desk support. Clients may choose to fully outsource their operations or select specific services on an à la carte basis, for example assistance with a treasury function such as collateral management. We help to address challenges faced by start-ups, emerging and emerged managers, private banks, pension funds and family offices with customized services, infrastructure and software. Deployed on our institutional-grade FM3 platform, Harmonic service level partnerships deliver dedicated operations excellence across the entire investment process.

FM3 Technology

Harmonic Fm3

FM3 is in-house developed to support client businesses and the services we offer. It is made available to clients bundled with fund administration, as stand-alone software or under software and services arrangements. It supports various fund, investor and portfolio front, middle and back office functions, and is integrated with a number of third party systems. Client requirements govern the evolution of FM3 and clients benefit as the platform evolves. In 2007 we commenced development to support the needs of a fledgling manager engaged in mid-market direct lending and the then emerging private credit sector. Today, FM3DirectLend is a comprehensive, purpose built platform for private credit managers and the specialized private credit services that we offer.