Private Credit Loan Administration

The rapid growth of our private credit clients has placed an increased burden on internal resources and has magnified the importance of robust loan and financing administration. Characteristics such as flexibility and customization that make private credit assets attractive to issuers and investors also make the asset class challenging to service. We began providing loan services in 2007 when non-traditional lending was in its infancy. Today, private credit is an ever more significant, and growing part of the global finance complex.

Armed with specialized expertise and experience, we provide integrated loan administration services and technology to support clients engaged in non-traditional lending and private financing. Our objective is a seamless relationship between lenders and borrowers built upon operational excellence, reliable data and reporting, and our in-house technology platform.

Loan Administration for Direct Lenders and Originators

Loan Operations

  • Deal Reference Data Management
  • Deal Life-Cycle Management
  • Reporting
  • Access to DirectLend platform

Deal Monitoring and Analysis

  • Pipeline management
  • Integrated deal document analysis
  • Covenant monitoring and validation
  • Borrower company KPI monitoring
  • Portfolio benchmarking
  • Deal performance reporting
  • Access to Portfolio Companies Monitor platform