Harmonic’s Approach to COVID-19


The escalation of the COVID-19 global pandemic is concerning to us all. Harmonic’s priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of staff and their families, whilst we ensure uninterrupted client service.

Harmonic has implemented its global pandemic plan as part of the overall business continuity plan across all offices. We are equipped to provide uninterrupted service across our global platform by taking measures such as working remotely and other flexible arrangements. We would like to share some steps we have taken to ensure that we maintain the levels of service and responsiveness you expect from Harmonic.

We have been closely monitoring the developing situation and are following the guidance of international and domestic public health bodies. We have instituted several measures to help minimize risks to staff and clients including:

  • Delay or cancellation of internal and client-facing events
  • Working from home for the majority of staff
  • Restriction on non-essential business travel and monitoring of all staff travel
  • Shifting in-office arrangements to comply with recommended social distancing
  • Measures regarding any staff who may feel ill or may otherwise be at risk and enhanced healthcare support for our staff
  • Increased frequency and scope of office cleaning
  • Actively responding to the latest recommendations as information becomes available

We appreciate the trust and confidence you place in Harmonic and we stand ready to support you and your business during this challenging period.