Fund Data Management


Data quality, completeness and timeliness are critical across the enterprise. Operations, portfolio management, investment execution, risk management and compliance departments rely on data such as fund terms, conditions, prices and valuations to run effectively. Growth of the alternative investments industry and the proliferation of complex investment vehicles have resulted in data collection and maintenance that is increasingly expensive and resource intensive when conducted in-house.

Harmonic offers a comprehensive solution to reference data management for hedge fund managers and their investors. Our service includes the acquisition, validation, maintenance and delivery of fund data and supporting documentation. Information is managed, accessed and disseminated using Harmonic’s Security Master, an enterprise grade platform built to support alternative investment asset classes. Clients access confidential data and documents via a secure portal from their desk-top computers. Data is delivered from a fully hosted, fault-tolerant system.

Harmonic’s data service is resourced and managed by a dedicated team of subject matter experts. Data integrity is achieved by way of disciplined process, rigorous internal control and ongoing review.



Harmonic Security Master is built using Microsoft technologies and architected as a scalable, n-tier, web services based application. The data model was designed with the help of industry experts who also consult to major financial institutions and standards organizations. The platform integrates easily with other applications and internal systems.


Data and Documents

The platform supports attributes and parameters, pricing and valuation, corporate actions, time series data and documents specific to hedge funds and private equity vehicles.

Fund terms and conditions

• Multiple legal structures – partnerships, corporations, trusts

• Multi-class, multi-currencies

• Fee structures – equalization, multi-series, tiers, dynamic hurdles and thresholds

• Liquidity parameters

• Contacts and counterparts

Fund pricing

• Multiple price types – GNAV, NNAV, Rate of Return

• Price quality – estimate, final

• Multiple price sources – manager, administrator, auditor


• Multiple document types – confirmations, statements, offering memoranda, performance, marketing information, subscription forms

• Multiple document formats – Excel, Word, Power Point, PDF, JPEG, e-mail

Harmonic recognizes that market data and supporting documentation play an important role within every financial institution. Harmonic’s Security Master also supports most other asset classes and relevant data including terms and conditions, identifiers, pricing and valuation, corporate actions, time series data and documents. Multiple data vendor feeds are also supported.