Investor Services

A Single Platform

Harmonic combines specialized expertise and experience to deliver unmatched investor services technology. FM3 supports investor management and accounting for global alternative investment fund structures. It supports all fund legal and operating structures and offers the most comprehensive support for complex fees in the industry.

Fund Structures & Fees

  • Legal structure:  Partnerships, corporations, trusts, protected cell, managed accounts, multiple jurisdictions, domiciles
  • Fund structure:  Unitized, non-unitized, stand-alone, master/feeder, side by side, side pockets, managed accounts, multiple classes, multiple-currencies
  • Fee structure:  Equalization, multi-class/multi-series, capital accounts/partner allocations, waterfall calculations, tiers, dynamic hurdles, thresholds, “Lone Pine” methods

Investor Transactions & Registration

  • Investor registration and transfer:  Partnerships, corporations, trusts
  • Partner economic and tax allocations
  • Lot matching of redemptions
  • Liquidity and pledged investment monitoring
  • Intermediary and placement agent fees
  • Full investor accounting
  • Transaction processing:  Subscriptions, redemptions, transfers, additions, withdrawals, assignments
  • Interested party transaction association:  Sub-beneficiaries, investment advisors, introducing brokers

Regulatory & Compliance

  • Investor eligibility: ERISA, New Issue Eligibility, Permitted Person, AC, QEP, QP
  • Investor regulatory and tax parameters
  • Investor slot monitoring
  • Tax reporting
  • Global AML and KYC
  • Fund terms and conditions compliance

Relationship Management & Reporting

  • Investor relationship management
  • Electronic document management
  • Investor life-cycle management, performance reporting and analytics
  • Investor classifications: user defined, client types, region, business segment
  • InvestorWeb online investor reporting portal
  • Comprehensive suite of investor reports

Private Debt & Private Equity

  • Complex legal, fee and waterfall structures
  • Sophisticated partnership allocations
  • Automated investor rebalancing
  • Investor capital activity: commitments, capital calls, distributions, drawdowns, transfers
  • Carried interest calculations
  • Investor IRR reporting

Funds of Funds

  • Transaction processing: subscriptions, redemptions, transfers, additions, withdrawals, assignments
  • Manager and product selection
  • Portfolio construction and analytics
  • Fund of funds dealing tools
  • Liquidity analysis and optimization
  • Collateral management