Reporting & Mobile

Dynamic, On Demand, Custom

Institutionalization of the alternatives industry has resulted in increased demand for reporting by all stakeholders; managers, investors, regulators and other counterparts. Demand has come in the form of expanded scope, depth and timeliness. FM3 features hundreds of reports including portfolio, accounting, investor, risk, performance, compliance, executive and client custom reporting. Reporting is available in a variety of formats including PDF, SSRS and Excel reports, slice and dice UltraGrid reports, interactive and magazine style mobile apps and dashboards.

FM3 boasts robust report dissemination tools including: InvestorWeb portal, FM3 Dashboard, automated report distribution, delivery confirmation tracking, custom ad-hoc data extracts and data synchronization with third party reporting applications.

Portfolio, Performance & Risk

  • Position Detail
  • Position Appraisal
  • Portfolio Summary
  • P&L; multi-period, local, base, lot based
  • Detailed Investment Returns: IRR, Levered, Unlevered
  • Income and Expense
  • Pricing Detail
  • Accrual Balances
  • Amortization Summary
  • Interest Income
  • Cash Activity
  • Transaction Summary
  • Trade Summary
  • Upcoming Receipts and Payments
  • Commission Summary
  • Credit Facility; Commitment Summary, Drawdown Summary, Expense
  • Collateral Requirements
  • Liquidity
  • Exposures; Strategy, Currency, Geography, Sectors
  • Risk Monitor; Sensitivities, Greeks, Stress
  • Counterparty Risk
  • Investment Restrictions
  • Fixed Income Continuity
  • Funded and Unfunded Deals
  • Fund Scorecard
  • Fund Tear Sheets
  • Fund Terms Summary
  • Performance Attribution
  • Yield/Return Summary
  • Net Asset Summary
  • VaR Summary
  • Portfolio Composition

Investor & Fund

  • Investor PE Statements
  • Investor Commitment Confirmation
  • Investor Transaction Acknowledgements and Confirmations
  • Partner Statements; capital based, units based, side-pockets
  • Shareholder Statements; equalization, multi-series
  • Investor Cross Fund Statement
  • Investor Capital Call Notice
  • Investor Summary and Transaction Notes
  • Fund Registers; Shareholder Register, Partner Capital Register
  • Liquidity and Pledged Investment Monitor
  • PE Commitment Summary
  • PE Drawdown Summary
  • PE Transaction Details
  • Fund Net Flows
  • Returns by Period
  • Investor Performance and IRR
  • Investor Portfolio Look Through
  • Partnership Tax Estimate
  • Placement agent fees

Accounting & Reconciliation

  • Balance Sheet; comparative, summary, detail
  • Income Statement; comparative, summary, detail
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Statement of Operations
  • Trial Balance; comparative
  • General Ledger; summary, detail
  • Bank, Broker Balance
  • Partners’ Ledger Balance
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Reconciliation Risk
  • Break Analysis

Compliance & Regulatory

  • AML Sanction List
  • Suspicious Activity
  • Form PF
  • Blue Sky
  • Fund Share Compliance
  • Fund Portfolio Restrictions
  • Investor Transparency
  • Fund Terms and Conditions Compliance