Automated Matching & Exception Analysis

Harmonic’s FM3 reconciliation module delivers control and accuracy through customized data source mapping, transaction matching workflows and exceptions tracking. Supported by a dedicated team of client-specific specialists, FM3 reconciles client positions and underlying transactions across multiple brokers and all asset classes. Advanced break processing and analysis reduces reconciliation risk by assigning, tracking and reporting risk exposure from unresolved positions and prices.

FM3 Reconciliation streamlines post-trade operations and supports accurate and timely portfolio valuation and fund NAV production. FM3 Reconciliation module is available as stand alone software, as an outsourced service, or as part of a fund administration engagement.

Reconciliation Features

  • Comprehensive asset class coverage
  • Daily, weekly or monthly processing
  • Pre-configured data access from any and multiple majors brokers
  • Flexible data capture and from third party sources
  • Interactive screening of all positions and transactions
  • Powerful break processing and tracking
  • Cumulative period to period break analysis and reconciliation risk reporting
  • Fully customizable reporting